Heating for the bedroom

Gold retriever puppy leaning on bed, side view

Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house, and getting the heating situation right here is of paramount importance. It’s also the most difficult. One of the major reasons is because heat rises, and it rises to the bedrooms and heats everything up. That’s why good cooling should be as much of a priority here as everywhere else in the house, such as the basement which naturally stay cool.

At the top of the house, make sure you have good roof insulation. Then make sure you have a nice warm king size bed, or queen, which is utterly comfortable with or without the duvet. Then choose a smart option like NEST or Phillips which allows you to control the environment separately in each room.

Windows are the most important in the bedroom. Have big double glaze windows. That way, the sunlight can stream through and keep the room warm in the winter and then you can open those windows and let cool air come in. This is much nicer than cranking up the AC all night, and will be more economical.

Of course air conditioning is a great invention and we wouldn’t recommend owning a house without it. It should be an obvious choice to have AC especially if you live in a region that get very hot. But this site is about heating and so that doesn’t fall in our remit of discussion.

Heating, on the other hand, is an obsession round here. Some of the many ways you can optimize the heating in the bedroom boils down to have warm drapery, carpeted floors and a good heating system. And you should be all set for the winter.


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