Signs Your Child Might Be Doing Drugs: A Guide for Parents

October 8, 2017 harry 0

Sleeping and Eating Changes

Drug use causes sleeping and eating changes in almost everyone. These changes might mean sleeping a lot more or eating a lot less. They may also mean not sleeping or eating too frequently. Look out for major weight changes, as these are a good sign of serious problems.

Keep their more recent habits in mind to look for major changes. But, do not worry about minor isolated changes. For instance, marijuana tends to increase the appetite and its effects on children are varied. Many adolescents see anxiety and stress at school and at home. These can impact their sleeping and eating habits in a meaningful way.

Loss of Interest in Friends, Hobbies, and Family Relationships

Kids who turn to drugs often present changes in their relationships with their friends, hobbies, and family members. If you notice behavioral and mood changes as well as changes in their sleeping and eating patterns, look to see if your child is going through these other changes as well.

Kids are liable to change friend groups regularly. But if your child drops a friend who has been a regular in their life, dig deeper into the relationship change. Non-descript answers like “we just aren’t friends anymore” are a sign that there are deeper issues in the relationship. Similarly, if they pick up new friends that they never bring home or you are not allowed to meet, this is a warning sign that they have fallen in with the wrong crowd.

A lack of interest in old hobbies may also be a sign of new drug use. Look for hobbies like sports, games, or intellectual hobbies that seem to have fallen by the wayside overnight. Allow them room to shed the things they used to love as children, but if your son attends two-a-day football training every day and then stops going for an unintelligible reason, investigation may be required.

Finally, if your child has all of a sudden become defiant with you and other adult members of your family and is non-responsive to their siblings, dig deeper to see whether they are going through a phase or are trying to reconcile hiding something from you.

Overcorrecting Their Behaviors

Covering up drug use when you live with your parents is difficult, and the methods used for covering up evidence of past or present intoxication are tell-tale signs of drug use. Kids who use mints and gum excessively may be hiding drug use, as are kids who overuse colognes, perfumes and general deodorizers both in their rooms and in their cars.

Look out for lies that overcorrect their behavior, too. For example, if your child tells you that they smell like marijuana because they walked through a cloud of smoke somewhere, it is worth watching their behavior to further understand whether they are covering up for a new habit.

Every kid grows up to face drugs and alcohol in the world, whether at school or elsewhere. Being aware of the risks and having honest conversations with your kids are great ways to minimize the risks of substance abuse.…

Heating for the bedroom

May 9, 2016 harry 0

Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house, and getting the heating situation right here is of paramount importance. It’s also the most difficult. One of the major reasons is because heat rises, and it rises to the bedrooms and heats everything up. That’s why good cooling should be as much of a priority here as everywhere else in the house, such as the basement which naturally stay cool.

At the top of the house, make sure you have good roof insulation. Then make sure you have a nice warm king size bed, or queen, which is utterly comfortable with or without the duvet. Then choose a smart option like NEST or Phillips which allows you to control the environment separately in each room.

Windows are the most important in the bedroom. Have big double glaze windows. That way, the sunlight can stream through and keep the room warm in the winter and then you can open those windows and let cool air come in. This is much nicer than cranking up the AC all night, and will be more economical.

Of course air conditioning is a great invention and we wouldn’t recommend owning a house without it. It should be an obvious choice to have AC especially if you live in a region that get very hot. But this site is about heating and so that doesn’t fall in our remit of discussion.

Heating, on the other hand, is an obsession round here. Some of the many ways you can optimize the heating in the bedroom boils down to have warm drapery, carpeted floors and a good heating system. And you should be all set for the winter.


There’s more to heating that meets the eye

May 7, 2016 harry 0

These days you have so many home heating solutions its possible to get completely lost at what’s out there. But before rushing into fixing up your home, its good to have a plan. They key, is to understand that environmental factor are complex and a good temperature varies as much on your own personal biology and the external environment as anything else. This plainly noticeable depending on the time of year or even day.

Take for example the summer. Now, if it is humid outside, you may consider turning the AC on. However, if it is not humid outside, and more humid inside, then it would be better to open a window. In winter too, it’s not always wise to crank the heat up from the moment to moment fluctuations in temperature change. In those instances, you can just put  t-shirt on, or a dressing gown, a snuggie or a blanket. Lot of way to keep you warm.

You’ll be even more aware of this situation if you live with someone with a different metabolism to you. Maybe it’s your partner. You overheat and she can’t stay warm. You have the AC cranked up and she has multiple duvets and her pyjamas on in bed. This is not always convenient. Then how do you devise a home heating solution that works for everyone? Well, you have to be intelligent about it.

Home heating can take various guises. One of the more popular ones are in-floor heating. This is perfectly suited to people who suffer cold feet. It can help moderate temperatures and won’t affect humidity so much. Or you can use a furnace that blasts heat through the vents. This, again, is very different to how it all feels.…